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MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
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 15 reviews
by Taylor B. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
I Highly Recommend

I recently developed a virus on my PC that erased almost half of my personal and work-related data. I wasn’t up to the task of solving the problem, so I had the techs from this company help me out. They came, analyzed, and quickly managed to restore my data. I couldn’t be more satisfied with their work and I highly recommend their services.

by Dianne T. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Professional All The Way

I recently dropped my laptop on the floor, by accident. The damage on the circuit board was quite extensive. I started getting issues with my device, and it wasn’t long after that I scheduled a computer repair service with these technicians. Best choice I could make. The guys came in no time, took my laptop, and had it fixed in a couple of days. The price for the service wasn’t that big, either.

by Mary K. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
I Couldn’t Be More Satisfied

I recently bought a new PC for my son for his sixteenth birthday. However, it wasn’t long after his new device had a serious virus that ended up in complete data loss. Both he and I didn’t know how to handle the situation, so we decided to hire an expert for the job. I asked some friends around and they suggested this company. And so we did turn to these technicians. They came to our home as quickly as possible, swiftly addressed the problems, and fully restored all the data. I highly recommend the computer data recovery service this company provides.

by Andy S. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Excellent Job

Not so long ago I was faced with severe data loss from a virus on my PC. Everything I tried backfired and I didn’t know what else to do but to get a professional data recovery specialist. Luckily, I had the phone number of this company and I called, right away. A tech came by my office and managed to solve the issue at hand, in no less than an hour. I couldn’t be more satisfied and I highly recommend this company.

by Lilly R. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Thank You

Thank you for the quick laptop repair you did for me! I couldn’t be more satisfied with your prompt response and professional work you did and will certainly recommend your expert PC services.

by Roy Bard on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
data recovery

Although they couldn’t recover the entire drive of my now old laptop, they did save quite a lot and I am still very grateful about it. It is normally a pricey service, but their data recovery service was worth the money!

by Natasha S. Parker on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
battery problem

My battery was not performing as it once did and I was beginning to have problems with my USB ports, they weren’t connecting the devices properly. I had these guys check my laptop for me and they told me how much it would cost to have it repaired. It was a decent sum considering the problems and far cheaper than replacing it. Overall, their computer repair service is recommendable.

by Nick Joggers on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Special Thanks

All my client accounts were wiped by a nasty virus. I didn’t think anything could be done about it but your computer data recovery service proved me wrong. My business is back on its feet because of you!

by Jake Yates on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Thank you

When I spilled coffee on my laptop and it all went black I knew the damage was serious. I am really grateful to your data recovery team for managing to recover some files and especially the photographs I had. You are amazing.

by D. Franklin on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair

OMG, I was going to be so lost without you! When my laptop stopped charging I really thought it was time to get a new one and I was short on cash at the time. Your laptop repair was my savior. Thank you!

by Eleanor Johnston on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair

I don’t usually post reviews, but in this case, I felt I had to. I had a problem with my laptop. I received a pretty high bid to recover my data from other technicians. I found this laptop repair professional online and spoke with him. He quoted me a great price, and I let him do the job. He fixed the laptop professionally and managed to retrieve my lost data. I couldn't be happier.

by Mildred Price on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair

He did a data recovery the other day, and now I have 100% of my old data back on my new drive. I highly recommend having this technician do any recovery work you may need doing. If in need of future fixes, I will definitely use this guy again. Thank you!

by Johnny Lewis on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Super Fast!

The entire process took less than a week, and he recovered 300GB of family memories for me. Thanks for the great customer support and the amazing computer data recovery service. Hopefully, I will never need your services again, but should I need to retrieve lost documents, then this is the only technician I will use. Great job!

by Tony Wells on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Very Professional Service

I can’t believe that he saved all of my data from my dead laptop. He saved all of my music and photos. And the computer repair service cost less than I expected. He is amazing. A Godsend! Thanks. Will use him again? Absolutely!

by Alicia L. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
Affordable Prices

I lost all hope of being able to access my files again. A friend of mine advised me to call their data recovery service provider and recommended them as knowledgeable and reliable. I took my laptop in, and within a couple of hours, I received a call to go pick it up. I was told what caused the problem and how much it would cost. Although he gave me a quote upfront, the price at the end was less than he quoted as it was not so complicated to do the necessary fix. He is very honest and professional. I definitely will call him again.

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