Lost Valuable Information on Your Computer?

What Exactly Is Data Recovery


Data recovery

is to restore access to lost data due to damage or failure of some type of storage medium. There are different kinds of data recovery

techniques which could be used in the event of a system failure or damage done to disk drives, tapes, and CDs.

If a server crashes or a hard drive failure occurs, loosing data could be disastrous to a business. This is more true if there has been some kind of attempt to archive important information to tapes, disks, or an online data storage service. However, there are some ways which an information systems technician can use to try to salvage data from faulty or damaged devices. All depending on the severity of the crisis, simply replacing a circuit board could be enough to correct the problem. Another solution is to completely replace the read or write head assembly, which could be all that is needed to gain access to the stored data. A qualified technology expert could also try to obtain the hard disk platters from a fault drive and place them into a compatible drive. One thing to bear in mind is that these methods of data recovery

normally invalidate any pre-existing warranties on equipment since they have to break into the casing.

When it comes down to trying to recover data from a server which has been locked or been damaged in some way, it could be necessary to contact a company that specializes in data recovery

. Normally, it is possible to send the drive or server to this kind of firm for evaluation. The firm then determines if it is possible to get the data from the damaged device and how much of the actual data is usable. After determining what can be done, the provider will offer a quote to their client. Usually, this quote includes a price which can run into the thousands of dollars mark. But, when this price is compared to the time and resources involved to rebuild the lost data, the price could be seen as minimal.

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