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Did you wake up one morning, and your computer did not start, and now all of your important data is lost? It’s not. MJ's Fast Laptop Repair has been providing industry-high computer service in Woodland Hills, CA and the surrounding area since 1992. Our trusted technicians offer fast and reliable Mac, PC data recovery services, and computer data recovery service solutions, so you can take the day off while we work on fixing your problem.

Most of us have laptops that we carry with us everywhere we go, and if we don’t have them with us, it’s like we’ve lost an arm or a leg. Some people make their living straight from their laptop, so it is important that it works properly and is in good shape.

We understand that losing the data you have collected over the years can be frustrating. Through our computer data recovery services, we have helped many people restore their family photo albums, work files, music and videos, and other important valuables.

These are some of the issues your computer may be having:

A logical failure may occur, which means that the hard drive of your computer is intact, but system corruption, reformatting, or lost partition information may be causing your computer to stop working. A mechanical failure means that the hard drive of your computer is not functioning, due to reading/write head crashes or spindle motor seizure.

Firmware failure is when the hard drive is not functioning correctly but seems like it is in good mechanical shape. The Firmware is then reprogrammed to restore the hard drive.

Our skillful technicians will identify the problems your computer is having, and will then execute the proper actions to fix them. The recovering process takes more than just replacing faulty components. At MJ's Fast Laptop Repair, we use some of the industry’s top hard drive recovery tools, that have come about as a result of many years of experience and research.

If a mechanical failure occurs, hard drives are rebuilt in dust-free rooms, where they are carefully examined. Our team of experts has custom-made tools, specially designed to read and collect data from unstable hard drives.

If you own an Apple Macintosh computer, you can put your trust in us. We provide a computer service for Macs as well as for PCs. As many companies provide Apple data recovery as an add-on service, we have a whole department dedicated to Mac support and recovery. We have developed a special software enabling us to provide a better service to our Apple Macintosh clients.

Data Recovery

External hard drives are regular IDE or SATA hard drives protected by a case. They can be dropped, banged, or knocked over, and in most cases, this will cause data loss. Some external hard drives don’t have any ventilation whatsoever and tend to overheat. No matter the type of external hard drive you have, our technicians can recover data from it. We work with all operating systems, so whether you work with Linux, Windows, Mac, or any UNIX OS, we can help you.

There are three principal causes of data loss. Human mistake is one of the most frequent causes. Occasionally, authorized personnel remove or overwrite data in the course of their work. Frequently, they do not recognize their error until a later period when they require the data.

Furthermore, malevolent remote attackers and dissatisfied employees are a major source of data loss. Typically,  cyber attackers are outsiders who compromise your data and attempt to hold it hostage. They infect your systems with malware and demand money in exchange for the release of your data. This type of software, appropriately named “ransomware,” poses an ever-increasing threat, and many unprepared businesses have spent thousands of dollars in ransoms to restore their data. Without affordable data recovery services, they are faced with the stark option of paying up or going out of business.

If you are looking for a professional data recovery around Woodland Hills, CA, contact MJ's Fast Laptop Repair today at (818) 732-8164.


by Taylor B. on MJ's Fast Laptop Repair
I Highly Recommend

I recently developed a virus on my PC that erased almost half of my personal and work-related data. I wasn’t up to the task of solving the problem, so I had the techs from this company help me out. They came, analyzed, and quickly managed to restore my data. I couldn’t be more satisfied with their work and I highly recommend their services.

Correa Chiovetti
Correa Chiovetti
Experience with this data recovery service. They were able to retrieve all of my lost files and even provided me with helpful tips to prevent future data loss. Highly recommend!
octavian marco
octavian marco
Their team of experts was able to quickly diagnose the issue and provide me with a quote upfront. They were transparent about the process and kept me updated every step of the way.
Frida Mnyeke
Frida Mnyeke
Once I agreed to the service, they worked quickly and efficiently to recover all my data. I was kept informed throughout the process and they even provided me with a detailed report of what was recovered and how.
Tiff Sele
Tiff Sele
We've all experienced the heart-stopping fear of losing important data, but thankfully there's a reliable solution to this digital disaster - thank you to the generous and professional data recovery service team. Thanks for coming through in our hour of need!
Peter Jandaa
Peter Jandaa
The pleasure of knowing the owner of this company has been long appreciated including his talent and dedication towards his detailed work. I recently had a SSD Hard drive that crashed. I contacted him and got instant results. My SSD was in his possession within 2 days of me shipping it to him and was instantly being worked on. As a result of his professional handling of my hard drive, I was up and running within less then a week of having removed my hard drive from my computer. He further extended his services to assist me with additional bios setting and My SSD has not crashed once since receiving it back. Thanks again for your fast, honest and dedicated service.

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